Why RateSetter

Because RateSetters get more and worry less.

An unrivalled track record

RateSetter in Australia is part of one of the world's largest and most successful peer-to-peer lending groups.

The RateSetter group was founded in the United Kingdom in 2009 and since its launch has grown to be one of the largest peer-to-peer lenders globally, facilitating over 55,000 investors in funding more than 320,000 loans totalling over $3 billion in value.

In Australia, we were the first to open up peer-to-peer lending to all Australians, not just wholesale investors, and we have more lenders than any other platform.

It's not just being the biggest that makes us the best. The RateSetter group was also the first globally to introduce the concept of a provision fund to help protect investors from late payments or default, helping to make peer-to-peer lending simpler and safer. Thanks to the provision fund concept, every individual RateSetter investor has received every amount of principal and interest due.

In Australia, RateSetter is the only peer-to-peer lender with a provision fund. Learn more about our Provision Fund

We do things differently

From day one we decided RateSetter in Australia would be based on a different set of values. Values that focus on you, and deliver 'your best interest'.

  • We say no to...

    • Dictating the rates you can have
    • Treating you as a number
    • Hidden fees
    • Secrecy
    • Unhelpful offshore call centres
    • Making you jump through hoops

  • We say yes to...

    • Customers setting the rates
    • Treating you as a peer
    • One understandable rate
    • Transparency
    • Brilliant local service
    • Being straightforward and easy

Not all peer-to-peer lenders are created equal

Below are some of the things that make RateSetter different. We are not saying this makes us the best - we’ll let you decide that for yourself.

As you would with any investment, carefully research the risks and rewards of peer-to-peer lending, and ensure that you are comfortable with the platform operator before you lend any money.

  • Loss protection

    Our Provision Fund has over $5 million, and is designed to help protect lenders against loss arising from any borrower late payment or default on an ongoing basis.

    In Australia we are the only peer-to-peer lender with a Provision Fund.

    Though we believe the Provision Fund provides meaningful protection for investors, it is important to remember that it is not a guarantee nor an insurance product, and your capital is at risk.

    Learn more about the Provision Fund

  • Licences and regulation

    RateSetter was the first company in Australia to be granted an AFSL by ASIC that is specific to peer-to-peer lending. Importantly, we do not operate under another company's AFSL.

    The RateSetter Lending Platform is a registered managed investment scheme and is subject to a comprehensive regime of ongoing compliance requirements over and above those of an 'unregistered' scheme, including annual audits, oversight by an independent compliance committee and frequent public reporting.

    Learn about RateSetter's compliance arrangements

  • Transparency

    We believe transparency is fundamental to peer-to-peer lending. That's why you can easily review our performance to date by registering on our website. We show you how many loans we’ve facilitated, how much money is on our platform, what the default rate is on loans, the history of rates in our markets, the amount in our Provision Fund and much more.

    We tell you this because we think as an investor, you have a right to know, that it helps you to better measure the risks of lending, and that the more you know the more you will trust us. We don’t filter out any embarrassing bits or highlight the good bits. It’s all there on our website for you to see.

    View RateSetter statistics

  • Simplicity and flexibility

    With RateSetter you simply select your lending market, amount to invest and rate. You don't need to spend time assessing your investment options loan by loan. 

    Further, you lend for as short as 1 month. The RateSetter group was the first peer-to-peer lender globally to allow investors to lend for 1 month, making peer-to-peer lending significantly more flexible, and allowing investors to gain comfort lending before making longer term commitments.

    Finally, you can start lending with a little as $10. Most peer-to-peer lenders have a substantially higher minimum investment requirement.

    Learn about our lending markets

Excellence in underwriting

We take the responsibility of looking after your money very seriously. That’s why we go beyond industry-standard underwriting processes and use a series of advanced systems and checks to ensure borrowers are creditworthy.

In addition to using industry-standard credit checks from experts such as Veda and Dun & Bradstreet, we use advanced credit checking software and anti-fraud tools to give us a more holistic view of potential borrowers.

The RateSetter group has also set a benchmark for peer-to-peer lending practices, and has been a key proponent of the transparency that the industry provides its investors. RateSetter was the first lender in Australia to release its loan book publicly and to provide retail investors with real time visibility of loan book performance. View RateSetter statistics

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