Credit performance

Delivering an exceptional credit track record as we grow our lending volumes

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The importance of transparency

We believe transparency is fundamental to earning investor trust. That’s why we provide you with information and statistics to allow you to make informed investment decisions.

20,000+ registered investors

$600M+ loans funded

$40M+ interest earned

100% of principal and interest returned

Annual cohort credit performance

Since our launch in 2014 we have proven our ability to measure and manage credit risk, whilst ensuring borrowers contribute more money to the Provision Fund each year than credit losses incurred.

Data as at 10 March 2020

Controlled, deliberate growth in lending volumes

Lending money is easy. We are focused on only lending to creditworthy borrowers who we believe can repay their loans.

Data as at 10 March 2020

Loan book

We’re proud to be the first lender in Australia to regularly release our loan book. Our latest loan book release contains information about every loan originated through the RateSetter Lending Platform since our launch in late 2014 to 31 December 2019, when we passed $530 million in loans funded.

Data in the loan book includes loan amounts, interest rates, loan purpose and anonymised information related to borrowers such as age, gender, state/territory of residency, employment status, income bracket and homeownership status.

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Whilst care has been exercised when compiling and publishing this data, we do not represent that this data is free from errors or omissions. Data may be updated at any time without notice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Read the Product Disclosure Statement before investing.

All figures stated represent the RateSetter Lending Platform only unless stated otherwise.