Approval & Draw Down

Why has my interest rate changed since I submitted the application?

After you submit your application we complete a hard credit check and review the application details, which may have impacted your customised rate. Furthermore, our lending market is live and your rate can vary based on the rates that RateSetter lenders have selected.

How long do I have to accept my loan once it’s approved?

If we approve your loan application, you will have two weeks to accept the loan before your approval is no longer valid. If you need additional time, please contact us.

How do I accept my loan?

If we approve your loan application, we will let you know by email and the acceptance process is completed online.

To accept your loan, simply follow the prompts in your approval email to create your RateSetter account, review your loan contract, and accept its terms and conditions.

How long does it take to approve a loan?

RateSetter prides itself on reviewing loan applications in a fast and frictionless manner. It takes just five minutes to submit an application. Once we have received all required documents we aim to provide you with an outcome within 2 business days.