Early Access Transfer is now live

by Daniel Foggo

At RateSetter we are committed to delivering the best products and experiences for our customers. To achieve this, we are constantly listening to customer feedback and focusing on improving our product. Early Access Transfer has been one of our most requested features and it should now make RateSetter an even more compelling option for investors.

By offering the flexibility to exit our longer-term lending markets early, more investors can take advantage of the higher rates offered in our 3 Year Income and 5 Year Income lending markets, with the peace of mind that they may have the option to exit these early, should their circumstances change. 

The Early Access Transfer feature lets investors request to exit an investment in a loan funded in our 3 Year or 5 Year Income lending markets before the end of the indicative term of the lending market or loan, provided there are funds from other investors available to replace the investment in that loan.

To ensure this is a simple, straightforward experience, investors are able to specify the amount that they wish to access early (before fees and any capital discount), and then loans (or parts of loans) are allocated by remaining to fill the order. 

Early Access Transfers can be requested from your RateSetter account, under the Early access transfer tab in the Account Summary.

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