Learn about our broker partnership program and how it can help your business grow.

Provide your clients Australia’s top-rated personal loans

RateSetter is Australia’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform. We use clever technology to cut out the costs and inefficiencies of traditional lenders to give your clients a faster, better deal on personal loans.

Our 1-minute RateEstimate makes it easy to check client eligibility and our efficient online application process and client management portal means you can earn more while doing less.

Meet the broker team

We have a large and rapidly growing national broker support team across NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and SA

Mark Woolnough
Head of Third Party Distribution

0420 550 783

Joel Pothin
Head of Automotive Finance
0428 497 836

Nicki Olds
National Sales Manager
0415 245 091

Jack O’Sullivan
Business Development Manager, NSW
0420 631 617

Tom Armstrong
Business Development Manager, NSW
0404 713 911

Chris James
Relationship Manager, NSW
02 8776 3872

Russel Perdio
Business Development Manager, VIC
0424 322 457

Matthew Alexander
Relationship Manager, VIC
02 8294 7087

Simon Starling
Business Development Manager, QLD
0420 318 987

Tom Cadden
Business Development Manager, WA/SA
0487 992 467

George Saouma
Relationship Manager, WA/SA
02 8294 5063

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